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Sludge dehydration

Neutra7 offers various technological solutions by offering the most suitable equipment according to the type of mud, the characteristics of the dehydrated products and the availability of spaces. The selection and use of suitable chemicals ensures maximum technical / environmental performance and safe economic savings. Neutra7 Filter Presses and Centrifuges are the most used mechanical equipment that accelerates mud dehydration.

Filter presses:

Neutra7 Filter presses are characterized by an high automation, flexibility and functionality degree. The latters are exclusively automatic and controlled with predetermined sequence by means of a suitable stored program in every filtration process stages. Suitable sensors determine the machine operation blocking it in presence of abnormal situations. Everything is designed and built for small operator work load. Neutra7 also proposes manuals if needed. 



Water treatment plant for water re-circulation deriving from tunnel or micro tunnel excavation. Referring to customers needs, those treatment plants can be modular or container.

Neutra7 goals:

• Reduce mud volumes allowing reduced transportation and disposal costs.
• Facilitate sludge handling: in most cases dehydrated sludges are palatable.
• Reduce odor emissions and putrescence.
• Increase the mud calorific value in the event of a subsequent incineration.
• Reduce the use of structuring and adjusting agents in case of subsequent composting.
• Water recovery for production processes.

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