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PH neutralization

Vecchio Cartine Trasparenti

Proposed carbon dioxide neutralization is used to control the pH of the waste water and it is an effective alternative to the use of mineral acids to reduce the pH of alkaline waters. Choosing carbon dioxide (CO2) leads to significant results and also environmental and economic benefits.

Neutra7 proposed technology:

The modular containerized system of carbon dioxide dissolution proposed by Neutra7 includes the supply of the gas dissolving and spreading equipment in the tank, injected from the bottom, according to a previously designed micro-diffusion system ad hoc according to the water characteristics. The system allows to adjust the dosage carefully and this can be monitored and controlled remotely, equipped with a PLC that allows automatic adjustment depending on the variations of the water's chemical characteristics. 

Main application fields:

• Wastewater neutralization of construction sites is one of the core competence of Neutra7's environmental technology. Normally the neutralization of the waste water come from construction sites, after a thrown of concrete, involves the use of CO2 procedure (carbon dioxide or carbonic acid). The alkaline waste water of the construction sites is the result of concrete castings, works of refurbishment of concrete works or cleaning works, washout of drainage water drains or drainage of rainwater from concrete works. These yards  wastewater may even have a high alkalinity rate. Before entering water bodies, these waters must be treated according to the latest European and Extra European regulations.

• Neutra7 is also involved in tunneling, proposing modular or container plants, water purification and re-circulation from the tunnel or micro tunnel excavation,  correct its values due to digging, spraying or spritz-concrete operations.

Competitive benefits choosing Neutra7 technologies:

In addition to the economic advantage, CO2 helps to get interesting results:

• It is a gas with high solubility in water.

• Handling CO2 does not pose any risk to operators, as it is a non-corrosive and non-flammable gas.

• pH control with CO2 is simpler than mineral acids and there is no risk of solution hyper-acidification.

• CO2 does not present equipment potential corrosion problems.

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