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Disidratazione fanghi

Vecchio Cartine Trasparenti

Neutra7 S.r.l. employs various technological solutions, offering the most suitable equipment based on the type of sludge, the characteristics of the dehydrated products, and the availability of space. The selection and use of appropriate chemicals ensure the maximization of technical/environmental performance and secure economic savings. The mechanical equipment most commonly used by Neutra7 S.r.l. to accelerate sludge dewatering are Filter Presses: AUTOMATIC FILTER PRESSES FEATURING A HIGH LEVEL OF AUTOMATION, flexibility, and functionality. These filter presses operate in a predefined sequence through a specific stored program for all phases of the filtration process. Dedicated sensors determine the machine's operation and stop it in case of abnormal situations. The entire system is designed and built to require minimal supervision. Manual Filter Presses: When necessary, NEUTRA7 S.R.L. ALSO OFFERS MANUAL FILTER PRESSES. The main difference is that in a manual system, the discharge of the cakes must be performed by the operator after the end-of-cycle signal. The opening of the movable head and the plate separation are also done manually.



Plants, either modular or containerized, for the purification and recirculation of water resulting from tunnel and micro-tunnel excavation in order to correct the values altered by excavation operations, shotcrete, or spray concrete.

When the characteristics and filtration properties of sludge are unknown, preliminary tests are conducted to determine the best type of equipment. A highly effective solution is to perform FILTRATION TESTS IN LABORATORY, acting as a pilot plant.

Neutra7 S.r.l.'s objectives include reducing the volumes of sludge for disposal, thereby cutting transportation and disposal costs; facilitating sludge handling, as dewatered sludge is typically easier to manage; reducing odor emissions and putrescibility; increasing the calorific value of sludge for potential incineration; minimizing the use of structuring agents and amendments for potential composting; and RECOVERING WATER FOR PRODUCTION PROCESSES.

In addition to new installations, Neutra7 S.r.l. offers comprehensive and customized solutions for the management and IMPROVEMENT AND REVAMPING OF EXISTING PLANTS. We primarily focus on providing high-quality spare parts and refurbishment services to optimize the efficiency and longevity of such plants.

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